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  • Blonde Hair Care

    • Hello everyone,

      Mindy, here from A Touch of Heaven Beauty & Wellness Spa, sharing some information for KEEPING BLONDES BRIGHT.* I am a blonde that does not relish the reddish gold under tones that appear in my own locks. To battle them, I have learned (mostly the hard way) that all blonde hair is NOT the same. This info is for those already with blonde hair.  Those trying to achieve blonde is a whole different article.

      Purple Shampoo is not for me no matter what!! My hair grabs it with a death grip in two point zero seconds leaving me with heather grey or purple hair!! However, it is a good product for others to consider. One key note is not to use it too much or too soon after lightening.  Too much use can actually make your hair look dull or dark.  If your hair has had a blonde toner or color applied... use cooler temp water to wash and rinse.  Also, a water filter will help avoid the deposit or build up of color-depleting minerals.

      In between salon visits, schedule a gloss treatment to revive your fabulous locks.  This could add weeks of glistening do's to your style.  This works with all hair color choices.

      Be mindful of pools and hot tubs. Chlorine can and will strip the life out of you mane.  Try to wash hair soon after to make sure your protecting your investment.

      NOT ALL HAIR PRODUCT IS THE SAME!!!!  Ask a professional what would be best for you and your hair.

      When receiving a spray tan, always wear a cap.  No need to deposit the tanning over-spray on your hair.  We all know what tanning beds can do to your skin.  They also can dry out your hair.  :(

      Ask your professional stylist for OLAPLEX to be added to all chemical hair services. It will help protect your hair from the damage that can happen. 

      Blonde hair or highlights can be enjoyed more when the right steps are taken to care for it.  I look forward to wearing my sunglasses. I will need to protect my eyes from all those BRIGHT SHINING BLONDES. :b

      Mindy Lovins, LMT, CPCS, ESTI, Owner
      A Touch of Heaven Beauty & Wellness Spa
      Heavenly Boutique Duchess & Goddess Clothing
      6766 Hamilton-Cleves Pike Rd
      Miamitown, Ohio 45041
      513 353 2500

      *Beauty Launchpad: Shine Bright Article by Jasmine Brown: August 2020